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C&A Industries Ltd.

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We are not complacent when creating beautiful colors.
We take value and dignity to the next level. We are C&A Industries Co., Ltd.

Company Name

C&A Industry Co., Ltd.


2000. 10. 21


Young-Ae Bae


Factory and Research Center : 170 Manse-ro Daedeok-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
liaison office : No.1105 79 Nonhyeon-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea ( Yangjae-dong Windstone B/D )

Major Products

Industrial Colorings and Additives
Display for Millbase (TFT-LCD Millbase)
Computer Automatic Coloring
Naturing Coloring for Grass


Automotive · IT
Industrial · Architectural

C&A Industries About Us

A. World Class Quality
The quality of our BLUE MB products is advanced enough to be comparable to that of Japan.

B. Mass-Production of MB in Various Colors
We are Korea’s one and only company that can mass-produce OGS white Mill base for TSP and black Mill base for BM.

C. Continued R&D effort
We make an investment of 5~6% of annual sales in R&D to sustain our effort for technological advancement and are successfully engaging in government-led R&D products. We also retain our in-house R&D team dedicated to synthetic studies and are growing into a small hidden champion in the electronic materials industry.

Our Skills

Industrial Colors and Additives


Color Mill Base


Computer Automatic Coloring for Architectural Purposes


Environment and Bio


C&A Industries History

- Establishment of C&A Industry Co., Ltd.
- Foundation Establishment of Enterprise Institute Approval


- Selected as Venture Company


- The First Localization of Computer Color Matching System
- Development Completed Development of Coloring for Silicone Sealant


- Acquire Patent of "Emulsion for 'Protection Bag for Fruits' and its Method of Protection
- the First Localization of the Aqueous Coating for Interior of a Automobile


- the First Localization of Aqueous Coating for Cell Phone Plastic
- the First localization of Grass Color Coloring
- Acquired ISO9001 Certification


- Completed Development of Color Filter LCD for Millbase
- Appointed as Component and Material Expert Company
- Selected as Technical Innovation INNO-BIZ(the Small and Medium Business Administration)


- Selected as CLEAN Workplace (Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency)


- Excellent women venture company ( Ministry of Economy )
- Winning an award of one million US dollars.


- Winning an award of three millioin US dollars.


- Winning an award (the ministry of science, ict and future planning )


- Award of export promotion (Gyeonggi provice governer.)


- Award of model business person
(the Small and Medium Business Administration)


Certification and Awards

Date Content Certificate Number Place of Publication
00. 12. 19 Establishment of 'Research Center affiliated with the Company' Approved 20004508 Korean Industrial Technology Association
01. 02. 21 Factory Registration License 3-2001-1-1 GyeongGi-Do Provincial Government
01. 11. 06 Selected as Venture Company 2001112221-7603 Seoul Regional Office Small & Medium Business Administration
04. 11. 25 Selected as an company with outstanding technology 3436 Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund Act
05. 07. 25 Acquired ISO9001 Certification TUV100010277 TüVSüd
06. 06. 01 Selected as Component, Material Expert Comapny 3102 Ministry of Commerce
06. 07. 10 Selected as INNO-BIZ Technical Innovation 6015-1174 the Small and Medium Business Administration
07. 11. 30 Selected as CLEAN Workplace 41288 Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency
12. 06. 21 nomination of company of export expectation 12Seoul-39 Seoul small and medium busienss administraition
12. 06. 26 ISO 14001(evironment) Q378812 ICR
12. 06 .26 9001(quality) E204412 ICR

Industrial Colors and Additives

Color Mill Base

Computer Automatic Coloring for Architectural Purposes

Environment and Bio